SEED BOMB Project, Fulfilling Green Forest by Shooting Plant Seeds, Reduce Carbon Emissions Towards Net Zero

  • 7 Jan 2023
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Thai Koon Steel Group has participated in the Royal Initiative Project in forest conservation of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej with SEED BOMB method at Khao-Nang-Phanthurat Forest Park, Cha-Am District, Phetchaburi Province on January 7, 2023.

Mr. Sanguan Sakunworaratana, CEO of Thai Koon Steel Group, along with the company's staffs, and Sahaviriya Steel Industries Public Company Limited, business partner, have joined this project to afforest with SEED BOMB method. This method is using clay mixed with compost to envelop plant seeds and then shoot all these seeds into the rehabilitation forest area by slingshot. It is a distributed forest plantation to grow naturally to restore the forest to a more fertile condition.

This is a long-term project that, in addition to helping to restore the ecosystems of the forest area to be fertile, a source of water, food for wildlife and communities, it also helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions, reduce global warming as well.

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