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Grand Total Chain production (Ton)


Total Green Chain production (Ton)


Solar Cell Reduce Carbon Dioxide (Ton)


Green Activities Reduce Tree cutting (Trees)


  • American Standard Chains
  • Grade 30

Interior work is the design to organize and decorate the environment inside a building or a place to be comfortable in terms of functionality and beauty. Starting from the layout

  • American Standard Chains
  • Grade 43

Grade 43 High Test Chain is made from carbon steel chain. This is higher strength chain than grade 30. This chain is  designed for such application as trucking industry

  • American Standard Chains
  • Grade 70

A conveyor belt is a transport system consisting of a machine that can move any objects from one location to another, designed for a wide range of objects such as food or other goods

  • American Standard Chains
  • Grade 80-100

Chain hoist is a mechanism used to lift and lower heavy loads using a chain. We must know the weight of the objects that will be lifted. Balancing between the

  • Steel Wire

This group of steel wire are from low carbon steel wire rods (JIS G3505; SWRM), which are subjected to a cold drawn process to reduce their

  • Steel Wire

These wire rods are JIS G 3503 grades SWRY 11 (0.09% max carbon) and SWRY 21 (0.10-0.15% carbon), the most commonly used is grade SWRY 11.

  • Steel Wire

This group of wire rods has a wide range of uses. It is cold-drawn and then cold-formed into a workpiece at room temperature This will make the header larger

  • Steel Wire

This group of wire rods are made from high carbon steel wire which will be cold drawn to produce 3 groups of steel wires:

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