Rain Chain

Rain chain or Kusaritoi is a device that allows rainwater to flow from the roof. It comes from Japan where it is known as Kusaritoi. The rain chain or Kusaritoi has a history of more than 1000 years and has been in use since the Heian period. There are many types and sizes of kusaritoi. Not only in the form of a round chain. Some species resemble cups. Some species resemble flowers and are both small and large, depending on the location used. Modern Japanese house nowadays began to be applied to Kusaritoi Let's become more home furnishings. Thailand, too, has brought ideas to extend the design to create beauty that is applied to modern home styles. Which our Thai Koon Chain Company has launched a new product "Rinjai", The product of rain chain. Which is derived from the word "Raijin", meaning the god of rain in Japan, So, our products still have a traditional Japanese touch. There are also a variety of styles for you to choose from to suit your home style.